• Wall Mounted Cezanne Series
    The track width can cover the original 86 socket panel
  • LED Light Strip Cezanne Series
    An instant beauty. The atmosphere becomes apparent accordingly.
  • Recessed Cezanne Series
    Integrate with the installation surface.
  • Data & Multi-Media Cezanne Series
    Various connectors and track integrated into one
  • Sliding Cover Cezanne Series
    Unique and innovative design with Blue LED light rim, better security and user experience.
  • CD Pattern Rim Cezanne Series
    Exquisite from details, integrated CD pattern rim design with Blue LED light rim.
  • CD Patterned Aluminum Rim Cezanne Series
    Metal texture design with Blue LED light rim, more high-end and atmospheric.
  • Wall Mounted Athena Series
    The width is only 56mm. Small and exquisite, with brilliant decoration.
  • Recessed Athena Series
    Narrower width. Recessed into wall or table top.
  • Adapter Athena Series
    The electroplating rim design with Blue LED light rim at the bottom.
  • Track Socket Micke Series
    With 86mm panels, used in conjunction with Cezanne series adapters
  • Switch Micke Series
    Exquisite comes from details, design is just the beginning, carving is art.
  • Electric tower Bell Series
    All the functions of a socket, with a decorative aesthetic and design sense

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